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Are you using social media to attract new customers to your business?  Are you building your online profile and brand? Are you increasing your social media content and following? Consistently posting good content that builds a solid online audience will help reach your target audience, support ad campaigns and build backlinks to your website which helps your SEO (the better your SEO strategy, the better your search rankings on Google – throw in an AdWords account to add some SEM and you are on top!).  For those of you not caught up to digital marketing practice yet, SEO stands for search engine optimization and is increased organically via tactics like social media marketing while SEM stands for search engine marketing which focuses around targeted keywords in search results). So where to start?

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Sometimes you just need a little help getting started, a roadmap to set the stage for your brand messaging, and sometimes you just want someone to take care of social media for you! I offer a few different services for helping brands get established and defining their marketing strategy. I have a postgraduate certificate in social media marketing and offer a few packages that are tailored to specific demands of the industry. I only accept a limited number of projects at once – because let’s face it, I don’t want to work ALL the time! However I do want to help you with getting your social strategy off the ground, I love seeing brands take off in the digital marketplace as people become familiarized with social strategy and marketing tactics. Please click here to review some example packages I have offered to past clients.

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Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and let’s get started on mastering your social game.

Steacy Henry Researcher, Social Media Marketing and Management Services BA – University of Western Ontario Post Grad Certificate – Social Media Marketing, George Brown College

Privacy Comes Cheap – How the Rise of Social Media and Online Technologies Have Devalued Privacy

Back in the early 2000’s when online giants such as Google and Facebook were finding their audience, privacy was top of mind and often discussed as a major concern with regard to the rise of the internet and digital technologies. Nowadays, it could be argued that privacy considerations have been devalued to an extent that one doesn’t even consider risks to privacy or personal electronic data anymore. As demand for online services and the appetite for social media continues to increase, we seem to care less and less about privacy, and are becoming more trusting that companies will protect our personal information and use our data in ways that benefit us (by tailoring our ads in social media feeds and websites we visit, predictive search technologies etc.). We readily accept the sacrificing of our privacy for improvement of our online experience. For example, sharing my data with Google Maps allows the software to give me suggestions specific to my locations visited and profile my travel habits. The more privacy you give up, the more customized your online experience becomes. I also love updating Google Maps as a Local Guide, providing reviews and photos to help others searching for similar info. When I travel I update Google Maps particularly with areas that I know are more remote and hard to find.

More on Privacy – click here to download the full article – Privacy Comes Cheap – How the Rise of Social Media and Online Technologies Have Devalued Privacy

The Power of Online Community

Recently I’ve been learning more about online communities and how entrepreneurs can harness this medium of communication to grow their brand awareness. Online communities can make or break your online marketing strategy, and are a powerful tool of communication.

online-communityThink about the last time you did a Google search for a new service, product or business – you likely read comments and reviews posted by consumers that had visited the business or used the product; think about how influenced you were by this. Are you likely to buy something that has a lot of negative reviews online? Probably not. Does seeing positive feedback and reviews on a product or brand give you a sense of trust or assurance in making a purchase or selecting a particular business for the services you’re seeking? Probably yes. This is the power of online community.

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Turning Traditional Conferences Upside-down – The ‘Unconference’ Model

How do we turn online relationships into person to person connections and real-world events? Digital marketing is on the rise and businesses are more and more turning to social media platforms and digital communications to spread the reach of their brand and build their consumer base by appealing to online communities.


A notable change from the conventional to non-conventional approach to conferences has taken place – those active in online communities and digital marketing platforms are organizing and attending “unconferences”. Unconferences are one of the avenues in which connections made through online channels and online communities are creating real world events and person to person connections, rendering the traditional conference model less relevant in terms of targeting a wide consumer base.

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Beat the Bots! A Guide To Buying Cheap Concert Tickets

If you’re someone who likes to see live concerts and have found yourself surrendering to third party sites to buy tickets, this article is for you. This year The Tragically Hip’s Man Machine Poem Tour put a spotlight on a problem that concert-goers have been frustrated by for a long time – bots and brokers.

Bots and brokers have been capitalizing on high-demand tickets, buying them up en masse the minute pre-sales are launched and then re-selling them via third party sites. Popular sites such as and are making a killing from concert-goers desperate to see their favourite artist. These sites are just two examples of the more mainstream sites, but the reality is that this re-sale industry is growing fast, with the number of websites taking up the business of re-selling tickets growing every day.

So who are these brokers and bots? Well brokers are individuals buying up tickets the same way as you and I would, but are doing this as their full time job – so they are investing the resource of time into following presale dates, concert lineup announcements, tour updates etc. The good news is you can beat the brokers, the bad news is that beating them means being on the ball with following your favourite artists so that you are up to date on the same information updates as the brokers, in this way we can create an even playing field as a consumer. Continue reading Beat the Bots! A Guide To Buying Cheap Concert Tickets