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Beat the Bots! A Guide To Buying Cheap Concert Tickets

If you’re someone who likes to see live concerts and have found yourself surrendering to third party sites to buy tickets, this article is for you. This year The Tragically Hip’s Man Machine Poem Tour put a spotlight on a problem that concert-goers have been frustrated by for a long time – bots and brokers.

Bots and brokers have been capitalizing on high-demand tickets, buying them up en masse the minute pre-sales are launched and then re-selling them via third party sites. Popular sites such as seatgeek.com and stubhub.com are making a killing from concert-goers desperate to see their favourite artist. These sites are just two examples of the more mainstream sites, but the reality is that this re-sale industry is growing fast, with the number of websites taking up the business of re-selling tickets growing every day.

So who are these brokers and bots? Well brokers are individuals buying up tickets the same way as you and I would, but are doing this as their full time job – so they are investing the resource of time into following presale dates, concert lineup announcements, tour updates etc. The good news is you can beat the brokers, the bad news is that beating them means being on the ball with following your favourite artists so that you are up to date on the same information updates as the brokers, in this way we can create an even playing field as a consumer. Continue reading Beat the Bots! A Guide To Buying Cheap Concert Tickets