The Power of Online Community

Recently I’ve been learning more about online communities and how entrepreneurs can harness this medium of communication to grow their brand awareness. Online communities can make or break your online marketing strategy, and are a powerful tool of communication.

online-communityThink about the last time you did a Google search for a new service, product or business – you likely read comments and reviews posted by consumers that had visited the business or used the product; think about how influenced you were by this. Are you likely to buy something that has a lot of negative reviews online? Probably not. Does seeing positive feedback and reviews on a product or brand give you a sense of trust or assurance in making a purchase or selecting a particular business for the services you’re seeking? Probably yes. This is the power of online community.

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  1. MacDaddy – I must admit that I never heard this speech prior to seeing it on the list. He deilnfteiy broke it down for all of us…Tariq – It is remarkable to see a list that covers 100 years of American history. We shouldn’t be surprised that some very good ones were left off…

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